Look at this! A whole new shiny place to put in text and images!

Alright, images could be a problem… need to try something out

After a lot of thinking(should I start a blog or do I keep all my thoughts to myself) and testing(am I going to use PHP or am I’m going to use a static site generator) and trying out(WordPress, Jekyll, Hugo and a lot of others….) I decided to setup a couple of new things(CI/CD pipeline among others) and use a SSG.

Hosting was something I paid for a couple of years so that needed to go. And I didn’t need a database so that could also go. What I didn’t do, is to keep my inbox for the domain. So I ran into some issues that people and instances could no longer contact me based on the domain name… Which caused some interessesting problems… Won’t dive into it now, but never forget your email hosting is my advice!

Look, I fixed images!